Hi, I’m Ella. Founder of Talk2ella

Relationship Therapist

Dr. Ella Sweet, a seasoned relationship therapist, brings a wealth of expertise to her practice, guiding individuals and couples toward healthier, more fulfilling connections through empathetic understanding and evidence-based interventions.

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Our mission is simple: to share proven tools that empower you to live a better relationship life. And, it’s to make you feel a little less alone, to encourage you every step of the way, to have you love and be loved in the most precious way.

We produce content that can save you some of the headaches and heartaches that others have been through.

We provide consulting on these relationship matters:

Here's how exactly we help

  • Match-Making

    Our personalized approach ensures that individuals receive tailored guidance to navigate the complexities of finding companionship, fostering connections.

  • Post-Divorce Consulting

    The journey after divorce is a transformative one, and we are experienced in offering post-divorce consulting services to help individuals rebuild and rediscover

  • Pre-Divorce Consulting

    When facing the complexities of relationship challenges, we specialize in providing expert pre-divorce consulting services. Our team offers support

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Meet the team

I work with a team of research driven experts 

Dr. Ella Sweet

Founder, CEO

Odinaka Joshua

Brand Designer

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